• Unparalleled Customer Service and Response Time
  • Superior Pricing
  • Combined 18 years of Experience
  • Constantly evolving innovation


  • Elaborate on our vast network of Inventory Partners which allows us to find your parts
  • Established relationships with countless OEMs and have access to exclusive inventory
  • We maintain a strict AVL, and work only with reputable suppliers. We do not procure from overseas.


  • EOL solutions
  • JIT
  • Excess Inventory
  • 3PL
  • Reverse Engineering solutions
  • Kitting and Assembly
  • Bill of Materials
  • Bid for Bid


FSR Technology Group

is a leading Electronic Component Distributor for the various installations of the Mil-Aero (Military/Aerospace) industry. We work with military branches across the U.S.; Army Depots, Air Force Bases, the U.S. Navy, etc. We also help to solve obsolescence and component needs for countless OEMs and CMs across the nation. We also service the medical, industrial, and automotive industries. If your need is components, FSR Tech is the military/aerospace inventory partner of choice.


FSR Tech has countless relationships with various Manufactures, C & C shops, and other resources to offer our customers re-manufacture or redesign in the case that a part simply does not exist anymore. For your custom quote, please click below and one of our technical representatives will get in touch with you to gladly assist you.







Additional Testing Offered

These are all tests that we can OUTSOURCE, which is how many competitors do it. Simple tests like XRF or Heated Solvent can be done in house, but a functionality test is ONLY done b specific labs and is very expensive.

  • Resistance to Solvemts
  • Heated Solvent
  • XRF/RoHS
  • Decapping
  • X-Ray
  • Solderability
  • XRF/RoHS
  • Lead Reconditioning/Tinning
  • Functionality


We are here to support your existing programs and help mitigate potential obsolescence issues. Our various Value-Added services are designed to help your company strive in a competitive marketplace by mitigating or eliminating your need for redesign due to obsolete components.


We service all types of customers from Prime Contractors, to OEMS & CMs, to smaller wire and harness shops, and we treat every customer with the same amount of respect, integrity, and expertise to ensure unparalleled quality and excellent delivery. We welcome you to experience the FSR difference.

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