FSR Technology Group is a leading supplier of components for the various installations of the Mil/Aero industry. We work with military branches across the U.S.; Army Depots, Air Force Bases, the U.S. Navy, etc. We also help to solve obsolescence and component needs for countless OEMs and CMs across the nation. We also service the medical, industrial, and automotive industries. If your need is components, FSR Tech is the Inventory Partner of choice.

The global supply chain for electronic components is constantly evolving. The world of obsolescence is an entity of its own; It can be mitigated but never quite eliminated in whole. Whether Military applications, Industrial, or even Commercial, every OEM and CM has at one point or another faced the potentially program halting danger zone of constantly evolving board-level technology. Microcircuit, Semi-Conductor, and other board-level component manufacturers seem to be superseding their current technology sooner and sooner each year.This poses a clear supply-chain and production issue for OEMs around the world. FSR Technology Group’s focus is to limit obsolescence issues for its customers to an absolute minimal level.

FSR Technology Group was established to be more than just a part number search engine and spitting out bloated list pricing. We take the time, resources, and dedication required to satisfy our client’s every supply-chain need, always keeping an eye on the bottom line. We believe that communication is a key element to achieving the very best possible service that our customers demand from us. Being a Certified Small Business, we have created a streamlined landscape with an explicit spotlight on cost. The lower our costs and overhead, the better price we can offer our customers. This is a key element that separates us from most other Independent Distributors. For example, there is no minimum PO at FSR Technology. We will take a $.50 Purchase Order if the situation calls for it. This is just one example of our true dedication to our customer base. Give us a call today and find out for yourself what FSR Technology Group can do for you.

With a combined 22 years of experience, we not only know how to service our customers properly, but we have the skill, passion, and most important ability to do this at a more competitive rate than any other Independent Distributor. We extend an invitation out to try us out, and we believe you will experience the FSR difference. With excellent customer service, incredibly fast response times, and fair and honest pricing, FSR Technology Group is the go-to Independent Distributor for all your obsolete and hard to find component needs, as well as anything else that you may require. But, the buck doesn’t stop there. We are a truly value-added distributor; We know our customers demand more than just a good price on a single widget. We offer programs such as JIT, Fixed-Firm Pricing, and Long-Term purchasing agreements/Blanket Orders that can help your company’s cash flow while staying out of the danger zone of constantly evolving board-level technology. FSR Technology Group doesn’t just sell parts. We create relationships. And through these relationships we can provide innovative ideas and solutions for your specific supply chain needs.