Mil Spec Electronic Components

mil spec electronic components

Here at FSR Technology Group we service and source hard to find mil spec electronic components (military and commercial grade board level components). From obsolete to End of Life (EOL) electronic components. We proudly stand by our products and services as we have established relationships with OEMs,, Inventory partners and Manufactures. FSR Technology also provides additional services such as Warehousing and Distribution as we have over 30 years of combined logistical background being in the freight forwarding (importing and exporting ANY electronic component). FSR Technology Group specializes in Active and Passive Electronic Components, semiconductors, fuses, IC, transistors, switches, resistors and connectors, and much more electronic components.

FSR supplies both Mil Spec electronic components and commercial grade components

Our customers consist of OEMs (Original Engineering Manufacturing), army depots and bases, and repair shops sourcing them with the lowest possible prices on electronic components, obsolescence and hard to find parts. FSR Technology has a large inventory collection of Factory New and New Surplus components and hardware. In which we can provide new or existing customers with a Quick Quote response time. Our team of engineers and reps can take any project you are working on with or without TDP (technical data packages) and Drawings and will be able to find what you are looking for. Can’t find the drawing? FSR Technology Group uses our resources and data bases to search for of any mil spec electronic components PN and cross reference it to either a commercial or Military specification. We are also capable of finding data packages on obsolete and new part numbers.

Counterfeit Mitigation

Counterfeit components have infiltrated all levels of the supply chain and are a major safety and financial burden for suppliers, OEMS, CEMS and Government contractors. We take this very seriously and have put in the appropriate measures to keep counterfeit components from reaching our customers.

FSR utilizes up-to-date counterfeit mitigation procedures such as various electronic component testing. We know how much time and money gets wasted with dealing with counterfeit parts so here at FSR Technology Group we have an in-house team along with established relationships with local third party test houses that performs test such as, Capacitance and Resistance testing, die examination using X-Ray, De-Capsulation to confirm OCM die encapsulation, Destructive Acetone testing to check for sanding, black topping and re-marking of component and much more. FSR takes all the correct measures to ensure all products meet OCM data sheet electrical specification, size specifications, OCM markings and lot code verification. Once all products pass inspection, gone through the necessary procedures, and testing (if required) in order to be ready to ship, FSR provides both simple and complex shipping methods and requirements to protect all goods from any damage.

FSR offers military packaging consisting of anti-static Electrical Static Discharge (ESD) shielding packaging, as well as moisture and corrosion packaging. As well as Custom Barcoding and packaging.

FSR works with and supplies OEMs and custom manufacturers to shorten the box build assembly process. Using information such as product dimensions and Bill of Materials allows us to anticipate long production lead times and establish alternative plans for the box build. FSR has the necessary experience and knowledge to obtain cheaper alternative without sacrificing the quality of the product.

FSR Technology has the tools, experience, inventory partners, and numerous databases to get the component you need.

“FSR Technology Group is a member of the Electronic Resellers Association International (ERAI). ERAI establishes a network between independent distributors to avoid fraud, counterfeit products and unethical business practices in the electronic component distribution industry.
ERAI, Inc. is a global information services organization that monitors, investigates and reports issues af-fecting the global electronics supply chain. Since 1995, ERAI tools and services have assisted buyers and sellers from all sectors of the supply chain in preventing loss by mitigating risk in the material pur-chasing process. Our unique service enables companies to perform industry specific risk mitigation on suspect counterfeit, high-risk and non-conforming parts, as well as problematic vendors and customers.
As the world’s largest privately-held database of non-conforming material, ERAI is leading the fight against the sale of counterfeit and high-risk components and promoting a higher level of awareness via data-sharing, education, training and networking. The evolving global marketplace has made ERAI a necessary service for anyone involved in the electronic supply chain.suspect counterfeit, high-risk and non-conforming parts, as well as problematic vendors and customers.