Just like a fingerprint, every OEM is different, with unique and various levels of demand for component and logistical support. With the focus always being on the individuality of each customer, our goal at FSR Technology Group is to create a profile as that will allow us to service your specific company at a most efficient level, and then to evolve and grow alongside our customer, creating a cycle of expanding improvement of service, and added solutions.

As a Military Electronic Component Supplier, we have immediate access to billions of parts that can help our clients put out immediate fires. With unparalleled customer service, incredibly fast response times, and a rigorous Quality Control process, FSR Technology Group can find any part that exists and have them on our customer’s dock within days. We understand the damage shortages can cause to our client’s programs. We offer these services at fair, honest pricing. The world of Independent Distributors does not like to speak of pricing too much. It certainly isn’t a topic you would find on most of their websites.

However, here at FSR Technology Group, we do not chase a single sale, we strive to develop a strong relationship with each and every customer that works with us. Bloated profit margins certainly will not help us get there. We invite anyone to test out our services, to work with us and see the FSR difference. Great products, unparalleled quality, personal attention and dedication, and very competitive pricing.

We stress the importance of relationship based customer service because in order to have a distributor that you can count on, truly count on, you have to have a company that will be there when you need them, backing up your component needs with real, tangible solutions to the various needs that may arise in your supply-chain. In addition to having access to countless parts, we have established relationships with OEMs, CMs, Military entities, and more, and through these relationships have additional exclusive inventory to offer that other distributors do not. Our Inventory Partner network is ever-expanding, and that means a constantly growing database of parts for our client’s needs.

FSR Technology Group is much more than just another broker. We are a full service, value-added Distributor, offering solutions to copious obstacles and needs.

As a Military Electronic Component Supplier, we utilize multiple refined systems to keep track of global and national component trends of countless types and brands of components. Keeping track of EOL announcements, managing a growing library of Data Sheets, maintaining an active AVL of reputable and reliable Inventory Partners – These are just some of the components used to create a successful system to help us to consistently stay one step ahead of the obstacles that can affect a customer’s supply-chain. Here is a short list of some the services we offer:

JIT/Bonded Inventory – We are able to work closely with our clients to establish a “Just in Time” system, usually under a blanket order type of structure, to ensure that your parts are on your shelves exactly when you need them, with minimal logistical efforts on the customer’s end. This is usually done with CSM (Customer Supplied Material), and then in turn becomes VMI (Vendor Managed Inventory). This keeps costly inventory off of your shelves until you actually have a need for it.

EOL/Last Time Buys – When big name manufacturers announce that a specific product is going end of life, FSR Technology can be a very key intermediary solution. Through the proper channels and agreements, FSR can work with our clients to alleviate potential cash-flow issues with upcoming part requirements for EOL parts and create an agreement for a Last Time Buy. FSR can stock your parts for you, allowing you to choose when to take possession and issue a purchase order for them.

3PL – Residual Inventory is the enemy of the purchasing team. Through our Inventory Management program, we can help to alleviate the burden that excess inventory can put on a customer’s books once a program has been completed. We have an extensive network consisting of many different facets of manufacturing, distribution, and logistics that we use to help our customers to reduce if not eliminate surplus inventory (See “Inventory Management”)

Inventory Management – The term “Supply-Chain” seems to be a bit overused in our industry. Most take this term as simply finding and quoting parts. It means much more here at FSR Technology Group. One of our biggest value-added benefits is real-time Inventory Management of our customer’s excess inventory. We can actively manage and sell your excess/surplus inventory, both relieving cash-flow issues of carrying unneeded inventory, and at the same time finding a new home for the material through our network of hundreds of Inventory Partners. An item sitting on your shelf may be the very same item that is holding up a program 2,000 miles away, and through FSR Technology Group’s Inventory Management Program we can properly market and sell that inventory for you. There are many ways to accomplish this, lot buys, consignment, etc. If you have excess inventory taking up warehouse space and costing you money each year, give us a call and we can discuss real and appreciable solutions.

Manufacturing / Reverse Engineering solutions – Sometimes a part simply does not exist anymore. And sometimes these parts are needed to save high dollar higher-level assemblies. With the proper Technical Data Package, or sample part, we have manufacturing partners that can create brand new parts in full specification with the desired drawing. This can be especially useful for Electro-Mechanical parts, such as switches, connectors, etc.

Kitting and Assembly – FSR Technology offers a wide array of Kitting Services and has worked with the DLA and other military branches on various Kitting projects. There are many types of custom Kitting solutions that we can offer, they are virtuously endless from a conceptual viewpoint. From a simple kit consisting of the most popular used consumables for a program ensuring that there are no droughts and/or shortages on your assembly line, to an all out Kitting of every single component for a program, FSR Technology Group has the resources to offer real, affordable Kitting and Assembly solutions designed to markedly limit the time, logistics, and money that goes with along with stand-alone purchasing. We can assign a customer-designated part number that can be integrated into your catalog, and thereby reducing countless hours and risk spent on placing various Purchase Orders, Expediting, and inevitable mistakes that go along with ordering the same parts over and over again. With FSR, we do the work for you, and mitigate all risk involved, so you can receive everything needed in one container, done right the first time, every time.

BOM – We realize that many of our customer’s component requirements, other than the immediately required, initiate from a larger BOM. FSR Tech can take your Program or any other nature of BOM (Bill of Materials) and offer pricing for each item. Depending on what is required, we can offer firm, fixed pricing or, we can quickly offer an estimate based on market pricing for your entire list of consumables.

Bid for Bid – We realize that not every Request for Quote is for an immediate buy. We also know that sometimes getting prompt and accurate responses for bids is tough to acquire. Many distributors do not wish to bother with anything other that that which will result in instant gratification. With FSR Technology Group, we realize and understand that business must be earned, not plucked. We are always willing to look at your customer bid lists and work just as hard on them as any other RFQ that we may have.

Customer Service – We realize this may be a bit redundant, but we really cannot stress it enough. The climate at FSR is different, a different way of thinking. A different way of servicing our customers. A different attitude about how business is transacted in this industry. A different Distributor.