End of Life Electronic Components

FSR Technology Group Inc. offers an endless variety of Value-Added Services and serves numerous industries such as the End of Life Electronic Components, Telecommunications, Consumer, Industrial, Computer, and countless more.

Our Customers

Since the creation of FSR Technology Group, we have obtained a wide variety of customers from the DoD (Department of Defense), DLA (Defense Logistics Agency) {Military Bases, Army Depots, Air Force Bases}, local small businesses, and a wide variety of OEMs. FSR Technology Group is currently registered with SAM (System for Award Management), FBO (Federal Business Opportunities).

Other than the private sector, FSR deals with various government entities such as Air Force Bases, Army Deports, the National Guard, as well as US military entities in foreign countries, International Allies.


FSR Technology Group provides commodities ranging from Mil-Spec Hardware and End of Life Electronic Components and Components to commercial-grade items such as lighting fixtures, wire cables, etc.


FSR Technology does not have a minimum purchase order request, therefore, we would never turn away a request for a quote based on the value/size of the purchase.

What We Provide

FSR Technology aims to save the private sector as well as the tax payor money time and aggravation that goes into obtaining hard to find and obsolete parts. Our ability to source hard to find and obsolete parts derive from reputable manufacturers, inventory partners, databases, in-stock inventory, and many more resources. Our logistical system enables FSR Technology group to have goods delivered on time and in perfect condition. Having FSR Technology Group in your corner gives our customers more time to focus on developing and obtaining more sales.

We Are Unique

FSR Technology Group is not your typical independent distributor/supplier, we coordinate with you in order to help strategize projects, repairs, and minimize costs at every aspect of your business. FSR Technology Group understands and excels in sourcing hard to find, obsolete, (EOL) End of Life Electronic Components, Mil-Spec Electronics, and out of stock items which lead to long manufacturing lead times. FSR understands that there is a very large demand whether it be a business or an individual who is in need of hard to find or obsolete parts to either replace old hardware or create new systems. This process has proved time after time to be extremely frustrating, time-consuming, and at times immensely costly due to lack of stock in the market. This is where FSR Technology shines as we have all the necessary expertise and tools such as databases, highly trained and experienced personnel, inventory partners, and our in-stock inventory/surplus.

We Are Resourceful

FSR technology group has the means and tools to handle material made up of all different sizes/shapes, composition, both fragile and heavy equipment, intricate electronics and components. With our warehousing space, we are able to handle, manage, and store your goods or drop-shipped directly to you or your customer.

FSR utilizes many resources such as our global network of suppliers and manufacturers, inventory partners, and in-stock inventory in order to limit the amount of time and energy that goes into dealing with a countless number of different people and services to get a project completed. Thus having FSR’s all-in-one service can be extremely efficient and cost-efficient.

Additional Services

We offer additional services such as Custom Packaging and Labeling / Barcoding, Segregation, Warehousing and Distribution, Trucking/Delivery, and even Importing and Exporting ANY commodity that exists in the world today. We are able to do so because FSR is currently working and affiliated with several freight forwarding companies and US Customs Brokers. FSR Technology helps to manage Loose Container Loads (LCL), Full Container Loads (FCL), Refrigerated Containers, and much more. We have agents throughout the world who work with us to either import or export any commodity to or from nearly every single country.

Highest Quality

FSR Technology Group ensures the highest quality of products through our well-experienced personnel, Quality Control Department and it’s thorough and meticulous procedures, Inventory Partners, and along with our local testing houses to provide End of Life Electronic Components standards.

Local Test Houses

Our local test houses and facilities can assist in other value-added services and component authentication in order to ensure our goods are delivered under the highest quality and thorough inspection. Additional services consist of: tinning, electrical component testing, End of Life Electronic Components testing, taping and reeling of wide varieties of standard surface mounts, radial, axial and custom component packaging types, Baking, Lead straightening, crimping, and cropping, X-Ray (analysis for lead frame, die and wire bond), Microscopic inspections, RTS (Resistance to Solvents testing), Internal Device Inspection, Solderability Testing, Pin Correlation Testing, DC testing, AC testing, Memory Testing, and much more! All inspections are performed at our local test houses are done in accordance with all the necessary compliance such as SAE AS6081, MIL-STD-202, and Method 215, JESD22-B107D for RTS (Resistance to Solvents), J-STD-002D for Solderability Testing, SAW AS6081 and IDEA-STD-1010-B for external visual inspection.