Mil Aero Electronic Components

FSR Technology group provides value added services and electronic component distribution for Military, Telecommunications, Consumer, Industrial, Computer, as well as many other industries and professional spaces.

Our customer base includes a wide variety of industries from the DoD (Department of Defense), DLA (Defense Logistics Agency) Military Bases, Army Depots, and Air Force Bases, as well as local small businesses and Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs). These companies and departments rely on FSR Technology Group as their trusted electronic component distributor for obsolete and difficult to obtain parts. FSR Technology group is currently registered with SAM (System for Award Management), and FBO (Federal Business Opportunities).

In addition to Military Bases, Army Depots, Air Force Bases, and other government entities, FSR Technologies also proudly supports US military entities in forign countries as well as international allies of the United States.

Our commodities range from Mil-Spec Hardware and Components to commercial grade products such as lighting fixtures and wire cables, making FSR Technology group the ideal electronic component distributor for businesses of any kind. With no minimum purchase order request, we are able to accommodate any request for a quote regardless of the size or value of your purchase. FSR Technologies has the means and the tools, and warehousing space to handle, manage, and store your goods or drop ship directly to you or your customer.

FSR helps to manage Loose Container Loads (LCL), Full Container Loads (FCL), Refrigerated Containers and more, with a team of agents worldwide who will work with us to import or export your commodity from anywhere in the world.

At FSR Technology, we understand how frustrating and costly it is to find parts that have become obsolete. If your machinery still requires these parts, it is our goal to distribute them and save you money, time, and aggravation. Our long time partnerships  with reputable manufacturers, inventory partners, databases, in-stock inventory and other resources allow us to source these products and get them to you efficiently for the lowest cost possible. Through our logistics system, you can count on your product to be delivered on time and in perfect condition every time. Stop wasting valuable company time tracking down parts that are obsolete and impossible to find. FSR Technology Group delivers your electronic component so you have more time to develop your business.

FSR Technology group goes beyond your typical independent distributor/supplier to help your business strategize project and repairs to help you make the most cost effective decision for your business’s operations. After making your decision, count of FSR Technology group to source your hard to find, obsolete, EOL (end of life) electronic components, and out of stock items. We understand the lasting demand for these parts, on a business or individual level. Whether you need to replace old hardware or create new systems, finding these parts can be a frustrating process. Put our electronic component distribution tools and expertise to work for you. Find the right product with our vast databases, highly experienced and trained personnel, inventory partners, and our in-stock inventory surplus. These resources and logistics best practices allow for a cost efficient all in one service for your business.

We offer additional services such as Custom Packaging and Labeling, Barcoding, Segregation, Warehousing and Distribution, Trucking/Delivery, as well as Importing and Exporting all commodities. With several freight forwarding companies and US Customs Brokers, FSR is able to provide a full service experience from start to finish.

FSR Technology Group can ensure the highest quality of products through our well-experienced personnel, quality control department, and our local testing houses. Our testing houses assist in other value added services, component authentication, and electronic component distribution, to ensure that our service is not only efficient, but that you are getting the best product possible through our thorough inspection process.

Our additional services include:

  • Tinning
  • Electrical component testing,
  • Taping and Reeling of Standard Surface Mounts,
  • Radial, Axial and Custom component testing,
  • Lead Straightening,
  • Crimping and Cropping,
  • X-Ray (analysis for lead frame, die and wire bond),
  • Microscopic Inspections,
  • Resistance to Solvents Testing,
  • Internal Device Inspection,
  • Solderability Testing,
  • Pin Correlation Testing,
  • DC Testing,
  • AC testing,
  • Memory testing


All inspections are performed at our local test houses and are done in accordance with all necessary compliancies including: SAE AS6081, MIL-STD-202,  and Method 215, JESD22-B107D for RTS (Resistance to Solvents), J-STD-002D for Solderability Testing, SAW AS6081 and IDEA-STD-1010-B for external visual inspection.